Second Opinion Program at Columbia Department of Surgery

The Department of Surgery welcomes the opportunity to provide medical second opinion consultations upon request. Our surgeons are committed to helping you make the best choices regarding your diagnosis or a recommended course of treatment. Obtaining a second opinion from a qualified surgeon at one of the nation's leading medical centers may be instrumental in this process.

The Department of Surgery strives to accommodate patients with rapid access to appointments. Please note that the Division of Colorectal Surgery offers same-day or next-day appointments.

To start your second opinion consultation by phone, please call: 855.CU.SURGE (855.287.8743)

Here For You, Now More Than Ever

Even with the Covid-19 situation, we’re still here to give you the care you need. Our team is ready to provide video visits for any issue, and we have all the necessary precautions to safely do in-person visits for situations requiring an examination. Read about the lessons we’ve learned from the pandemic, and how they will help us give better, safer care than ever.

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