Research at the Columbia University Department of Surgery

We’re constantly on the lookout for safer and more effective ways to treat our patients. This has made research a cornerstone of Columbia. So that our patients can continue to benefit from the best medical practices available, we conduct basic, translational, and clinical research in multiple fields, including specialty areas like transplantation, cardiothoracic surgery, and immunology. 


We not only want to improve the lives of our patients, but people everywhere. To do this, we’ve made it our research mission to increase the world’s understanding of medical conditions, tests, and treatments, to develop and refine new tests, treatments and procedures that advance patient care, and to evolve standards of care by studying the outcomes and end results of new and existing practices.

Our Research

Basic and Translational Research

Our basic science research labs investigate fundamental questions about the nature of the body, and our translational researchers applies these basic science findings to specific medical problems and questions.

Clinical Research

The Clinical Research Core at Columbia supports the creation of diverse clinical research trials and offers services including IRB and regulatory guidance and support, monitoring, creation of source documents and case report forms, training and education, assistance with all elements of study conduct, and collaboration and networking opportunities.

Cardiothoracic Research

The Cardiothoracic Surgery Research Group is an active clinical and translational team led by Research Fellows that investigates both cardiac and thoracic surgery topics using animal models, human tissue and clinical data to improve methods, practice and, ultimately, patient care at Columbia and beyond.

Transplantation Research

The Transplant Clinical Research Core is a multidisciplinary team of transplant researchers covering basic science, translational science, and clinical research for all transplant-related topics. The efforts of the Transplant Clinical Research Core have made CUIMC one of the premier centers for transplant care and transplant related research in the US.

Translational Immunology Research

The Columbia Center for Translational Immunology is a multi-departmental, multidisciplinary research center aimed at optimizing translation of advances in basic immunology from the laboratory to the clinic, understanding immunological diseases and events in humans and optimizing transfer of information and methodologies to achieve synergy between different disciplines of applied immunology.

Innovation and Outcomes Research

The aim of our Center for Innovation and Outcomes Research is to help improve patient care by streamlining data acquisition and management, conducting research related to surgical outcomes and quality, and providing research and statistical expertise to other groups at the medical center.