Physician-researchers in the Division of Breast Surgery are conducting clinical trials focused on improving care for Chinese women with breast cancer.

Lymphedema Prevention for Chinese Women

The purpose of this study is help Chinese women who are treated for breast cancer to reduce their risk of lymphedema, chronic swelling of the arm.  The study entails use of a Chinese-language educational program called The Optimal You, which emphasizes specific breathing techniques, arm exercises, skin care and protection, and behavioral interventions to promote lymph flow, prevent inflammation and infection, and maintain optimal body weight.

Read more about The Optimal You study here.

MammaPrint in Chinese Women

This genetic study seeks to identify molecular factors or biomarkers that may be used to identify Chinese women who are higher risk of breast cancer. Identification of such factors could improve risk assessment, detection methods, and could help in the development of better targeted therapies.

Read more about the MammaPrint study here.