About the Program


Improving healthcare for Asian people around the world by providing access to the best multidisciplinary care, improving awareness of disease, and optimizing health education for patients, families, and their communities.

NYP/Columbia University Medical Center has identified public health issues of particular prevalence or concern to the Asian community, and seeks to work collaboratively with these communities to help address those health issues in a culturally and linguistically appropriate setting. Through this collaboration the NYP/Columbia Asian Health Program (CAHP) was developed in 2015.

CAHP, a special program within the NYP/Columbia Medical Center, seeks to facilitate communication between Asian patients and the hospital's caregivers and staff. It directly addresses the unique needs of the Asian community by offering special assistance and enhanced medical/surgical services.

CAHP understands that it can be challenging to make appointments, obtain medical records, address insurance questions, coordinate multiple office visits, and make other arrangements that come with seeking care for serious medical conditions — especially for patients whose first language may not be English.

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Services offered

The Columbia Asian Health Program provides intercultural coordinators who can provide assistance to patients who are most comfortable speaking Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. These intercultural coordinators are available to help patients who are receiving care for breast disease, colorectal disease, endocrine disorders, lung disease, and liver disease and transplantation. 

Our intercultural coordinators can assist patients and families with the following:

  • work with health care providers to assist with referrals and simplify the process of obtaining the appropriate type and level of care to streamline the process for patients
  • make appointments for patients and facilitate access to our comprehensive medical specialists at multiple locations
  • offer assistance to patients with navigating the NewYork-Presbyterian health care system
  • follow-up with patients to ensure their needs are being met and provide additional assistance as requested

In addition, the Columbia Asian Health Program provides translated versions of many forms, maps, and other information for patients’ convenience.