Columbia’s Cardiac Tumor Program

One of the most advanced and comprehensive in the world

The Columbia Cardiac Tumor Program is a collaborative effort of leading cardiologists, oncologists and cardiac surgeons caring for adult patients with tumors of the heart. These range from benign cardiac myxomas (the most common heart tumor) to aggressive angiosarcomas that are often fatal if not diagnosed and treated rapidly.

“Our rare combination of expertise in all aspects of cardiac tumor care, coupled with cutting edge imaging and the latest surgical techniques have allowed us to develop one of a handful of distinguished programs in the world. Patients ranging in age from 20 to 85 benefit from our expertise," says Daniel O’Connor, MD, PhD, and co-director of the program with Gregg Rosner, MD. “We receive referrals from near and far of complex patients that few centers anywhere can help.” 

“Some patients go into surgery not knowing if their tumor will simply be excised, or if they will come out with an artificial heart,” Dr. Rosner explains.  “Since Columbia has one of the world’s largest centers for heart surgery and mechanical support, we are prepared to deal with a full range of outcomes.”  Example: A 20 year-old male with an asymptomatic mass in the left ventricular apex. Columbia surgeons resected the mass then proceeded with a left ventricular reconstruction with the Syncardia total artificial heart on hand as a bridge to cardiac transplant in case it was not possible to repair the heart.

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