Surgical Instrumentation

Single Port Surgery

RealHand™ High Dexterity Grasper for Single Port Surgery

The RealHand hand-held laparoscopic instrument made by Novare Surgical Systems has a full range of motion designed to mirror the surgeon's hand direction and provide tactile feedback. When the surgeon's hand moves in one direction, the instrument tip exactly follows. The instrument provides for greater dexterity and control around critical structures and vasculature and enables the surgeon to perform difficult maneuvers not possible with rigid instruments.

Autonomy™ Laparo-Angle™

The Laparo-Angle maps, in exact proportion, the motion of the hand holding the instrument. This enables simultaneous actions, such as articulating downward while rotating. The instrument's articulating tips provide the surgeon with seven degrees of freedom for access to difficult areas and for tip positioning and control.

Olympus VISERA Laparo-Thoracico-Visoscope LTF Type VP Camera

The VISERA laparoscopic video camera is 5mm in diameter. Once inside the patient's abdomen, the device is capable of angling 100 degrees in four directions, providing visibility needed to capture a desired location head-on, from above, or from behind.

VISERA tip detail.

EROS and GERD Endoscopic Surgery

The EndoSurgical Operating System™ (EOS), is used to perform EROS and GERD surgeries. The EOS includes a long flexible device called a TransPort™ that is passed through the mouth to reach the stomach. Surgical tools are then passed through channels in the TransPort to enable surgeons to operate internally without making cuts into the skin.

TransPort tip detail.