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Michelle Azu, MD, FACS

Director, Breast Surgical Services and Associate Director, Breast Disease Management Team, NewYork-Presbyterian/ Lawrence Hospital
Breast & Soft Tissue Surgery
Breast Cancer
Specialist in Breast Cancer Surgery

This month, Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) trained breast surgical oncologist Dr. Michelle Azu, joins the Department of Surgery as Assistant Professor of Surgery at CUMC. Dr. Azu was previously Director of Breast Surgery at Chilton Medical Center (Atlantic Health System) in Pompton Plains, NJ. Prior to joining Chilton, she was an Assistant Professor, in both the department of Epidemiology and the department of Surgery at UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. She currently holds an academic appointment as Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department Epidemiology, Rutgers School of Public Health.Dr. Azu is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Medicine, in Columbia, MO. She completed her MSKCC breast fellowship in 2009. Her research interests are the influence of psychosocial and epidemiological factors on outcomes in breast cancer patients, and the effect of media on patient care. She is steadfast in her commitment to ensure patients understand their diagnosis, and has received numerous patient care accolades. She currently serves as a member of the American Cancer Society’s editorial board as well as multiple other leadership roles.


Phi Eta Sigma, inducted 1995

University of Missouri School of Medicine “Outstanding Young Physician” Alumni Award- 2011.

Mystical Seven, inducted 1998

Winthrop University Hospital Excellence in Teaching & Leadership - Chief Resident, 2008

University of Missouri Honors College; George C. Brooks Scholar- 1995-1999

Mortar Board, inducted 1998

American College of Surgeons-Brooklyn Long Island Chapter, Murray Friedman Resident Competition, 3rd place, 2005

1st Annual SUNY-Stony Brook Dept. of Surgery Resident Research Competition, 1st place, 2005

Patients’ Choice Award recipient 2011

American College of Surgeons-Committee on Trauma Greater NY, Region Resident Paper Competition, 1st place, 2007

Phi Beta Kappa, inducted 1999

Golden Key National Honor Society, inducted 1998

Wayne (New Jersey) Magazine Top Doc, 2015

Phi Kappa Phi, inducted 1998

On-going research interest regarding influences of various media forms in patient care
Peer Reviewer: Journal of Surgical Oncology; Frontiers in Public Health
Psychosocial and epidemiological factors influencing outcomes in breast cancer patients
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