General Surgery Activities for 1st & 2nd Year Medical Students

Welcome Wagon

Set up a table at the "Welcome Wagon" for incoming medical students.

  • Contact "Student Services" to arrange a table at the "Welcome Wagon" during August when the new medical students have their orientation.
  • Invite students into the Whipple Surgical Society, talk to incoming students about GS activities at our table.
  • Design a poster with surgery activities and whom to contact.
  • Have sign-up sheets on table with sections for names and email addresses.
  • Give out small gifts like, pens, mugs, ID necklaces, pins, etc. with Dept. of Surgery on them (specifically for surgery advertisement).
  • Always have treats on your table.

Department of Surgery Welcome Medical Students into General Surgery

Why wait until 3rd year?

  • Meet the Surgeons Reception
  • Spend a day with a Surgeon
  • Go on a Heart/Lung/Kidney/Liver Procurement
  • Observe a Transplant Surgery
  • Spend a day on a GS service
  • Women in Surgery
  • Suture Course
  • Laparoscopic Course


Doris Leddy
Surgery Clerkship Coordinator 212.305.9596

Whipple Surgical Society

Medical students in Whipple Surgical Society should arrange a meeting to introduce the society to incoming students as well as all of the surgery activities offered through the Deptartment of Surgery.

Clerkship Coordinator can schedule location, order snacks and attend the event.

Spend a Day with a Surgeon

  • Contact all surgical attendings to get permission to add them to your list for students to contact.
  • Send email to medical students with names and emails of surgical attendings to spend a day with.
  • Advise students that it is MANDATORY they cc you all emails they send to surgeons they want to spend a day with.
  • Email questionnaire to students for feedback after spending a day with a surgeon.

Spend a Day on GS Service

  • Medical students can spend a day on one of your GS services, i.e., vascular, colorectal, endocrine, CT surgery, breast, etc.
  • Give them # of team pager to contact when they want to spend a day, night or weekend on a surgery service.
  • Student must contact coordinator afterwards to complete questionnaire.

Meet the Surgeons Reception

  • Send email to all surgical attendings at least four or five months in advance with two possible reception dates.
  • Schedule conference room with both dates, to avoid losing one until you confirm the final date.
  • Invite students from Whipple Surgical Society to help coordinate the event.
  • Always have a sign-in sheet.
  • Take pictures of reception to send out by email as a "Thank you" for coming to the event.
  • Send email to surgeons asking for suggestions for next years event

Go on a Procurement (Heart/Lung Kidney/Liver)

  • Transplant fellows arrange for students to go with them on a procurement.
  • Medical students coordinate the list of heart/lung and kidney/liver procurements.
  • Doris Leddy (212-305-9596) ( coordinates the assignment of transplant procurement beepers and collects the questionares students complete after they have gone on a procurement.

Observe a Transplant

  • Obtain authorization from transplant surgeons for medical students to observe transplant surgical procedures.
  • Obtain monthly transplant OR schedule from the transplant coordinator.
  • Email a few students each month to observe a transplant surgery.
  • Give scrub suit information to student.
  • Lend scrubbing & gowning video to student to view prior transplant.
  • Give student the transplant fellows' contact information, i.e. page # & email so he/she can contact fellow at least two days before transplant surgery.
  • Email questionnaire to student to complete for feedback post transplant surgery.

Suture Course

  • Contact a surgeon and a resident who is working in the lab, to instruct the suture course.
  • Depending on how many students signed up for the suture course at the Welcome Wagon, will determine how many courses need to be scheduled.
  • Appoint a medical student to schedule students for suture courses.
  • Schedule the suture course in a lab.
  • Contact US Surgical to obtain suture instruments & sutures.
  • Buy pigs feet at supermarket.

Women in Surgery

Laparoscopic Course

For 2nd year students who've already complete the suture course.

  • Get authorization to use Laparoscopic Lab.
  • Contact surgeon to instruct Laparoscopic course.
  • Ask medical student when are the best dates to schedule the Lap course.
  • Appoint a medical student to schedule students on each Lap course date.