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Center for Translational Immunology General Gift Fund

Donations to this fund support cutting-edge immunology research at Columbia, which is expanding the frontiers and possibilities of organ transplantation. The importance of this work cannot be overstated. Currently, more than 100,000 Americans are waiting for an organ transplant, and those lucky enough to receive one, face a lifetime of additional health challenges. Columbia scientists are engaged in groundbreaking studies to make transplantation more available and more effective. Our researchers are pioneering new methods to induce tolerance to donor livers and other organs, to reduce the risk of rejection and improve the quality of life for transplant recipients after surgery. Our studies also explore xenotransplantation, aimed at developing safe methods for using animal organs for transplants -a strategy aimed toward increasing the supply of donor organs and the number of people whose lives can be saved through transplantation.

In addition to improving transplantation processes, the research supported by your gift will produce insights about the human immune system and advance the fight against a host of illnesses, including diabetes, autoimmune disorders and cancer.

To learn more about the Columbia Center for Translational Immunology visit us at http://www.cumc.columbia.edu/ccti/

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Research in Organ Preservation

Gifts to this fund will allow Columbia University Medical Center's scientists to advance the model methods of organ preservation, which in turn will make liver transplantation surgery more available to those in need of this life altering procedure. James V. Guarrera, MD, FACS is the Director of the organ preservation and molecular therapies laboratory and Assistant Professor of Surgery. Dr. Guarrera's investigations utilize a unique technique, ex vivo hypothermic machine perfusion, to improve the viability of donor organs while outside of the body. Currently, Dr. Guarrera is the only investigator in the world to introduce this technique to clinical use. In the near future, this method will likely be adopted by other centers and allow for more transplants with better outcomes.

In addition, the laboratory is developing further techniques to combat the injury that the organ sustains while in transit from the donor to the recipient, as well as testing novel techniques that fight the recurrence of disease after transplantation.

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Living Donor Liver Transplant Research Fund

The human liver has enormous capacity for regeneration, so liver grafts from healthy, living donors can be effectively and successfully transplanted into individuals affected by cirrhosis and other liver diseases. The number of living donors, however, is limited by the inherent risks associated with surgery. The Living Donor Liver Transplant Research Fund supports efforts to significantly decrease the donor risks, which in turn will dramatically expand the availability of liver transplants. Gifts to the Living Donor Liver Transplant Research Fund, allow us to study new models of organ treatments, analyze data from people who have previously donated, study new ways to guide donor operations, improve the function of liver grafts and small liver remnants as well as investigate donor and recipient safety.

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Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Program

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is the number one cause of liver test abnormalities and is projected to become the leading cause for end stage liver disease and need for transplantation within the next decade. Understanding the pathophysiology of this disease, which can begin in children, as well as its implications before and after transplantation is critically important to disease prevention, treatment and post transplant care.  Julia J. Wattacheril, MD, MPH is the Director of the Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Program.   By contributing to this fund, you will support scientific (Omics-based) and community-based efforts to combat one of the largest public health problems in the 21st century. 

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Your gift to the vital area of organ transplantation ensures that Columbia continues to break new ground in the arena of transplantation, giving patients who come through our doors today and tomorrow the opportunity to experience the utmost in patient care and improved outcomes. We would be delighted to have your partnership in this worthy endeavor, and thank you for your consideration.

To learn more about supporting research in organ transplantation, please call: 212.304.7214. To send a contribution to the program by mail, please make your check payable to "The Trustees of Columbia University" and send it to us at the Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation at the following address:

Columbia University Medical Center
630 W. 168th St.
P&S 241
New York, New York 10032

Thank you for your support.